Wood You Like to Repair a Raritan Dominion IP KVM?

Raritan Dominion - Cover 01 - 1080p

In this video I repair a Raritan Dominion LX-108 IP KVM in a very professional manner using wood. It goes on for quite some time, but that’s at least more appropriate for YouTube than other platforms. No biggie, you can always skip around using the chapters. For posterity, here’s a transcript of the video in case you’d rather read than listen. But beware! It’s as transcribed by YouTube and so may include some errors and lack of punctuation (and etc). well hopefully it’s repair time today I have here a Raritan Dominion lx18 8 Port IP KVM switch which has served me well for many years now it customarily sits in a rack at an off-site Data Center and obviously … Continue reading

New Home Backup Server (Dell T640 with 18 20TB Disks)

HM-BACKUP05 - Cover 01 - 360TB Raw Storage

In this video I create a new backup server from a Dell EMC PowerEdge T640 with 18x 20TB Seagate Exos refurbished drives. Also there’s some more ranting about backups in general. But idk, there are chapters so you can skip to whatever. And it’s not technically a server, in that it doesn’t serve files. It’s really more of a client that takes files from other servers and holds onto them. But I call it a backup server because hardware-wise it’s a server. Anywho, that’s the description. It’s probably not optimal for the YouTube algorithm, but hey, I’m not an influencer even though I have a TikTok account that I don’t use. For posterity, here’s a transcript of the video in … Continue reading

Can You Put an RTX 4080 in a Dell Workstation? (Precision T7865)

Dell Precision 7865 Upgrades - ScottDotDot Cover Image

I just got my most expensive single computer ever. It’s an already-outdated Precision 7865 with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 64-core CPU, direct from Dell. RAM upgrades from the manufacturer are always a bit of a rip, so in this video I upgrade it to 512GB. Also, I find out for the first time whether a consumer graphics card (PNY / NVIDIA RTX 4080 16GB) will actually fit inside the moderately-sized chassis. Oh, and fit two Western Digital Black SN850X 4TB SSDs to replace the woeful 256GB el cheapo card that came with the system from Dell. Absolutely nothing in this is a paid ad. It was paid for by my wallet. Buy Dell, HP, Asus, even Razer for all … Continue reading

Plex: Play Icon on Pause Screen Causes OLED Burn-in – SOLUTION

Plex - OLED Burn-In - SOLUTION

This is pretty much a re-post of something I put up on the Plex forums, but I wanted to archive it here for reference. So if you have any comments or questions, please add to the original thread! Server Version#: Last few years of updates through current stable build. Player Version#: Last few years of updates through current stable build. TL;DR: The orange play icon in the middle of the screen when paused causes burn-in on OLEDs. Solution at the bottom if you’re using your own server and not opposed to manipulating CSS. I need to preface this by saying that I love the Plex web player. I primarily use that to consume my media, and it puts browsing/playing from … Continue reading

Using Clonezilla to Upgrade the SSD in a New Computer

Using Clonezilla to Upgrade the SSD in a New Computer

Upgrading a new computer for my sister with a 1TB WD SN850X NVMe SSD. This is also my first real foray into vertical video, and was kinda a test run for shooting, editing, and general workflow. So if it looks a bit odd, my apologies. It’s an HP Envy TE01-2275xt with an i7-11700 8-core 2.5GHz CPU and 16GB RAM. I originally purchased it during the height of the video card crunch, because it came with an RTX3060 at a reasonable price. I didn’t end up using the computer itself, and though it’s really not a “gaming” PC (that’s how they sold it), it should be well more than sufficient for home productivity use. Especially with a real snappy SSD. I … Continue reading

DATA GRAVE ⚰ Underground Backup Servers

DATA GRAVE ⚰ Underground Backup Servers

Related video: QILIPSU Outdoor Enclosure with a Computer Inside… Because. Visit the Data Grave coffins: outdoor.s.co.tt Hi, I’m Scott and today we’re going to talk about a couple of computers I buried in my backyard to create a data graveyard. They’re Raspberry Pies, which are great for this purpose as they’re compact and consume very little power, meaning they can be supplied by power over ethernet and won’t cause rampant heat dissipation issues. But they’re also pretty good for their intended purpose: Backups. If you’ve seen a couple of my other videos, you know I tend to go on rants about backing up data. For me, and many of you, most of the content I generate is digital. Losing all … Continue reading

Exploring the Sonic Foundry Mediasite Recorder from 2008ish

I open up this device from the past to see what it was all about, and how useful the chassis might be for modern purposes.

This is the edited version of a live stream I did almost 2 years ago (just got around to it), so if you want to see all the faffing that went into it, a recording of double the length is available here: https://youtu.be/4_xDG0fsMU4