Sprint / Netgear 6100D 4G Antenna Installation (Video)

4G Antenna Installation - Title Image

What’s all this, then? Back in August I reviewed the Netgear 6100D from Sprint and followed up with a post detailing some advanced configuration options. The Video I also installed a flat panel 4G antenna from 4G Antenna Shop. I made a video detailing the unboxing and installation (which I just got around to editing together): It’s my first video of this sort, so if you have any feedback please let me know in the YouTube comments or by email! 4G Antenna Shop I didn’t get into it in the video, but overall I’d recommend 4G Antenna Shop. The cable and antenna I got were both of very high quality and definitely worth the price. Their customer service was great; … Continue reading

Netgear LG 6100D Sprint LTE Gateway – Advanced Configuration

Netgear 6100D Native GUI Backup and Restore Settings

Man, oh man! I was getting frustrated with my new 6100D LTE gateway from Sprint. In fact, I posted a very long rant about it yesterday. This post is all about solutions. Really, it’s about one very big solution: http://[Netgear 6100D Address]/index.asp What is that? Oh, not much, just the native Netgear configuration GUI. It has about ten times the feature set of Sprint’s half-baked GUI. Seriously. Already have a problem? This didn’t happen to me at first, but I must have triggered some state within the 6100D that causes this screen to appear when returning to the Netgear GUI after having used the Sprint GUI: If you find yourself redirected to this utterly pointless landing page, just change the … Continue reading

Netgear LG 6100D LTE Gateway for Sprint Review – Bad Device, or the Worst Device?

Netgear Joke 9000

I recently obtained a Netgear LG6100D LTE Gateway from Sprint as a backup for my hard internet connections. The device seemed perfect on paper: Cellular connectivity for the home or business network! I’ve used some bad consumer routers in my day, but this is one of the worst I’ve encountered. Or maybe it’s that it looked so promising at first and then let me down so hard. Update (2014-08-26): I found that you can access the native Netgear web GUI. It has a heck of a lot more features, and solves many of the complaints I have with the “correct” way of configuring this device. Upon logging in the user interface is clean, fairly informative, and I noticed that the … Continue reading