Amazon Echo – Unboxing and Review (Exasperation with Alexa)

I Am Displeased

Background I should point out that I knew next to nothing about the Echo when I pre-ordered it. I knew next to nothing about it when it arrived. I figured I’d take the approach of someone that just got this thing as a gift or something. Amazon Echo Unboxing I unbox the Echo and spend some time setting it up. It did not go well. Then I attempted to interact with Alexa. I suppose I’m just accustomed to Google, because I can ask it a variety of free-form questions and most of the time it comes up with the correct answer. Alexa seems to be far more finicky about phrasing and command syntax. Which is just what you want from … Continue reading

HPRC 2550W vs. Pelican 1510 – Carry-on Case Comparison

HPRC / Pelican Review - Opening Screencap

The cases The HPRC 2550W and Pelican 1510 are both watertight rugged hard cases meant to fit into the overhead compartment on an airplane. They’re pretty much the same size, of similar weight, and have a very similar design. For the basics, check out the specs for both: HPRC 2550W: Pelican 1510: A couple of more things.. Back in 2008, another blogger pointed out a major difference between the 2550W and 1510: So it turns out that HPRC have done the seemingly impossible; making a case smaller on the outside and bigger inside, than the equivalent Pelican 1510. They’ve done it simply by designing specifically for purpose. The Pelican 1510 is a minor adaptation of a carry-case with … Continue reading

Sprint / Netgear 6100D 4G Antenna Installation (Video)

4G Antenna Installation - Title Image

What’s all this, then? Back in August I reviewed the Netgear 6100D from Sprint and followed up with a post detailing some advanced configuration options. The Video I also installed a flat panel 4G antenna from 4G Antenna Shop. I made a video detailing the unboxing and installation (which I just got around to editing together): It’s my first video of this sort, so if you have any feedback please let me know in the YouTube comments or by email! 4G Antenna Shop I didn’t get into it in the video, but overall I’d recommend 4G Antenna Shop. The cable and antenna I got were both of very high quality and definitely worth the price. Their customer service was great; … Continue reading