Disconnecting the Battery in a Teradek VidiU Pro (Live)

I’ve been trying out different streaming tools and software lately, and ultimately I prefer the dedicated hardware approach. The Teradek VidiU Pro has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and can be had for some pretty good deals on eBay.

The VidiU Pro can be used to live stream events from remote and outdoor locations using either WiFi or a connected USB cell modem. It’s also got an ethernet port (and of course a power input) for use in fixed locations. Such as my basement.

The problem for me is that the VidiU has a built in battery for portable use, meaning that when I shut off my equipment at the main PDU, the VidiU stays on until the battery runs out. Not the end of the world, but it’s made more inconvenient by the power switch being very small and on the back of the unit. Because I’m gonna be cramming it into a 1U rack shelf, the switch is out of reach.

Hence I opted to just disconnect the battery, as I don’t foresee using it wirelessly. It’s not a very complicated procedure (I just snipped one wire as if diffusing a catastrophically boring explosive) but you may enjoy seeing the innards of the device regardless.

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