Sparky Gets a Gift from Chevrolet (Unboxing)

A weird thing happened today.  There was an unsolicited package waiting on our front porch, labeled with the Volt’s logo.

What could possibly be inside of it?  Was it a mistake and we got an extra charger?  The keys to yet another Volt?  Well, there’s not all that much to say about it, so here are some unboxing pics..

Ah!  Some… thing.  Well, it’s very nice cardboard with quality printing (the picture doesn’t do it justice).

It looks like a book.

Oh, it is a book!  And some other literature.  Wait, what?  Is that a Flip digital video recorder?  Yes, in fact it is a Flip DVR.  How odd.  In the enclosed letter is says something like “[..] record all the great places you’ll visit in your Volt”.

A little weirdly unnecessary, but hell, we’ll take any free piece of tech.  (They did allude to our love of technology because of our purchase of a Volt in the first place.  No shit, asslock.  These guys should talk to the people over at Pandora and Netflix).

The Flip camera also has the Chevy and Volt logos, in case you thought for a second you could forget who was really generous to you after you spent $50,000.  But I digress.

And there it is, the whole shebang.  I have to give it to Chevrolet for the quality on this thing.  The packaging and finely-bound hardcover book about the making of the Volt smack of the care and attention that (hold on whilst I vomit) Apple puts into its packaging.

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  1. Very nice gift! How does one obtain that VOLT “making of” book?

  2. yeah, probably for $100 plus! :-)


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