Eulogy for the Jeep

Jeep XJ Destroyed - 02

Back when it was en vogue to play music from Compact Discs, the Death and Destruction mixes provided adequate motivation to ruin lawns. Mo once took the Jeep to Florida, and Sag fixed the intermittent wipers in his anger.  Another time nine people took it on a camping trip that ended poorly, with no camping. It went to Pittsburgh twice, getting towed only once.  It had a laptop mount, because that’s important.  We yelled at passers-by with a megaphone until the police made us stop. It got pulled over by the police more times than anyone can remember, and even had its license plates confiscated in the name of gross irresponsibility. Sure, it crashed into some things unintentionally, but that … Continue reading

Rotor Puller Kludge

Background I’ve only recently begun doing my own maintainance and repairs on my Jeep XJ 2000. I’ve hit a few snags and problems along the way, and this page details a solution for the most frustrating I’ve encountered so far. I went to replace both my front rotors, and they were both well beyond stuck to the hub. I’d been hammering, pushing, pulling, and spraying the old rotors on one fine Saturday for over 3 hours (4 hours if you count the time I took to go to the auto parts store and stop for a beer). Finally it was close to getting dark when one of my neighbors came along and advised that I should rent a rotor puller … Continue reading